2020 Trends in Restaurant, Bar, & Retail Lighting in Jackson

It seems that every couple of years, restauranteurs and bar owners all decide to update their lighting systems at once, as if they all got together and decided that it was time to change things up. In reality, there are a select few forward-thinking proprietors who serve as trendsetters for the whole game, integrating their commercial lighting systems with innovative, elegant, and efficient lighting solutions that keep them at the front line of both style and profitability.

In an effort to predict the next wave in trendy restaurant lighting, we’ve put together this guide on the 2020 restaurant and bar lighting trends that you are likely going to see in Jackson restaurants before the year is up.

Dynamic Lighting Control Systems

It used to be that one of the restaurant manager’s primary jobs was to make sure that the overhead lighting and accent lighting was always at the perfect levels for customer enjoyment. Not only do automated lighting systems take this task for themselves, but when paired with some of the newest LED light bulbs on the market, they can also allow for automated shifting in color, intensity, blue light content, and more.

The result is that owners and proprietors have more control than even in creating the perfect lighting aesthetic for a modern, elegant dining experience.

Low-Maintenance LED Light Fixtures

The last we checked, most restaurants can’t afford to hire a crew to come in and maintain the lighting system every few weeks, changing overhead bulbs and cleaning fixtures. Instead, this job falls to whichever shift manager happens to notice it. LED lighting can last much, much longer than traditional bulbs, reducing the amount of times you have to break out the ladder.

Industrial-Grade Outdoor LED Lighting

Restaurants and bard can be a big investment, and the last thing that a responsible proprietor wants is for all that to go down the drain due to dim or poorly installed exterior lighting. Keeping the entire premises brightly lit is not only essential to reducing break-ins and property damage, but it is also an effective way to protect your tenants, employees, and customers by providing a bright and reliable light source.

When outdoor lighting is paired with a comprehensive control system, then security lighting can be set to come on at specific times or you can attach it to a light sensor, motion sensor, or some combination of all three.

Commercial Hanging LED Pendant Lighting

In Jackson as well as in cities across the country, many establishments are adopting a kind of “warehouse-chic” kind of aesthetic in which spaces are encouraged to look more industrial and less down-home. This is especially true of the craft brewing industry, with many of them utilizing the same overhanging LED pendants that you would see in large warehouses.

LED warehouse lighting is a great option for bars and eateries that have the ceiling space. When paired with a dimming control system, they can provide a more restrained light for service hours and then be cranked up to full blast when it is time to clean up.